Triassic Invasion – Chapter 7, Period 6 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 6

Kyane arrived at the warehouse in the back of the black van. The military had set up barriers to stop people from entering going back three blocks. They released a report that this was a possible location the hostage-takers were holding up in. It was a half-truth to be sure. 

Kyane stepped out of the van. It was deep into the night. The moon reflected off the crashing waves of the water. The rhythmic splashing of the water soothed her nerves for the upcoming operation. The cool air did not help, however. She stuffed her arms in her pockets and paced back and forth while soldiers motioned trucks full of science equipment from her parent’s lab into the area. 

Shaotoro arrived in one of the vans of equipment and walked up to his student. “What are you doing,” he asked.

Kyane jumped from the surprise of hearing his voice. “Sensei.” she said, “I’m going to save Jamie.”

“Why?” he asked.

“I’m a hero, remember? It’s something I have to do.”

“You’re not ready to go to the UDC homeworld and perform this rescue operation.,” Shaotoro said. “You have only had two weeks of combat training, and no suit training, yet.”

“Well whose fault is that!?” She got in his face. The bracelets jingled back and forth with her constant pacing. “I messed up. I couldn’t save him, now he’s been taken. He is in serious danger. I have to save him!”

“What happens when you fail?”


“What happens when you fail to save your friend?”

“That won’t happen. That can’t happen.”

“It could happen.” A platoon of soldiers walked between them, hauling a large telescope-like object, and computer. Kyane wished the platoon never stopped so she wouldn’t have to finish her conversation. That didn’t happen. 

Kyane looked at the ground as they passed. When the last of the soldiers passed by, she looked back at Shaotoro. “I already beat one of their bosses-I don’t want your commentary, Die.”

“But that was one on one, in your territory. This time you will be in their world.”

Kyane turned and looked back at the waves. Her hair flipped from side to side from the wind. “What are you even trying to do here, grandpa? I need to save him. No one else can. I am literally the only person who can go and get him back. Should I leave him to just die?”

“No,” he said. He stepped up next to her and placed an arm on her shoulder. “He needs your help, but since you literally are the only person who can do this you must be more cautious. If you die along with him then we have no way to help ourselves when the UDC comes back and do more than hold a single school sports team hostage.”

“You told me that no good deed goes unpunished,” Kyane said. “But how true is that? Doing good things means that good things should happen.”

“The world doesn’t work that way, magomusume. I am sorry to say.”

“Well I’ll make it then.” She looked up at the moon. “Jamie doesn’t deserve it. No one does.” She paused. “Well maybe Danny, but just to be scared. Nevermind.” She shook her head and held her wrists out and looked at the high tech jewels in her bracelets. “My parents added a few features to help with combat in the two weeks since training. They’ll be enough.”

Shaotoro shook his head. “For your sake I hope they do,” he said. Jerry made his way over to the two of them. Shaotoro rested his hand on her shoulder again. “You are far from being done with your training, so come back alive is all I will say. If you get the choice to save yourself or the boy, take yourself.” His heart dropped from saying those words. He couldn’t imagine how Kyane felt after hearing that. He walked away.

Jerry took Shaotoro’s spot next to Kyane. “We are ready for you Ms. Yorotis.”

“Good,” she said. Fire burned behind her eyes. She planned to use that fire to torch her grandfather’s doubts. 

Jerry lead Kyane into the warehouse. A familiar large green crack hovered near the back of the building, illuminating the whole space around them. Her parents set up a large telescope-like device connected to laptops in front of the crack. Soldiers stood along the sides of the crack with weapons raised toward it. “What is going on?” Kyane asked. She walked over to her parents. 

“Science,” Damon said. 

Kyane looked at the laptop screen. Constantly adjusting random bars, graphs, and charts peppered the LCD monitors. “That explains everything,” she said. 

“I think she wants an actual explanation,” Hinotomi said. 

Kyane nodded. “That would help.” She saw her parents start to figure out a simple way to explain the complex quantum science in play and stopped them with a raised hand. “I just want to know if it’s safe for me to jump in to.”

“Yes,” her parents said in unison. 

“All I needed.” 

Kyane walked past the telescope equipment and stopped in front of the crack. She felt a hum coming from it that reverberated in her bones. Her stomach crashed like the waves outside. She removed her jacket, took a deep breath, then armored-up. 

 “How are you feeling, Kyane?” D13 asked her. 

“You know the answer, Die.”

“It’s not too late to back out.”

“It is for me,” she said. She turned to her parents, Jerry, and the soldiers, saluted them, then jumped into the portal. 

Dieous tore through the layer of cling wrap type barrier with ease and landed right into the Jell-O layer. She spun around to keep his balance.  It felt like he was going in slow motion. She tried to take a step but didn’t move. She cupped her hands, leaned forward and started swimming through the mess. The humming penetrated the armor and echoed through to Kyane’s heart. After a few moments she saw a light a few meters in front of her. She swam harder but felt like she continued at the same pace. The humming lessened when she got closer to the exit. She popped through the cling wrap layer and grasped the side of the crack and pulled herself out. She tumbled out of the crack and rolled onto the ground. 

Dieous stood up in the open terrain Jamie came out from. Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. She was in a prehistoric wonderland. An almost perfect, real Jurassic Park.  Her body felt the same as when she entered despite the humming feeling, and the fact she teleported to an alternate dimension. 

“Is there any point to ask where we are?” Kyane asked. 

“The best I can calculate, we are in the same location, just on a different dimensional plane.”

“So, there was no point,” Kyane said. She looked around for any signs of life. “Is there any way we can find Jamie?” 

D13 brought up the last image of Jamie they had seen, of him being pulled into the portal. He quickly performed a scan of his heart rate, body temperature, and life signature to contrast to UDC in the image. The image minimized and he sent out a scan across the field toward the horizon. A ding came up a mile or two away with a popup of a blue form with their legs to their chest and arms held up. “I’ve found him, but his body temperature has dropped significantly, along with a severely decreased heart rate.”

“Is he dead?” Kyane asked hesitantly.  

“He will if we do not hurry.” 

“That’s all you had to say.” She ran toward Jamie’s signal.

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