Triassic Invasion – Chapter 7, Period 7 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 7

    The UDC was escorted back to his cell. His tail was handcuffed to his hands and was being pushed forward by the guards. One scanned his card to open the UDC’s cell. The guards pushed him in and let the cell door slam shut before they hurled their insults and remarks at the UDC. The UDC looked around his small cell. The door was all solid steel with a reinforced plexiglass window, and a small slat used to send in food. He had a single sized cot, and a toilet. A small barred window sat high above him, streaming in moonlight. 

He sat on the bed and smiled. “Nyansa,” he said gleefully. “Oh, that big dumb iron is not prepared for what is going to happen.” A green portal then tore itself into the room, illuminating it. The UDC soldier stood at attention the best he could manage. He kept checking the window to see if anyone was approaching the door. No one was. He walked up to the portal only to be bounced back. 

A UDC wrapped in dark, human clothes exited the portal. He had large, scaled arms, and piercing eyes. He held one hand up to the soldier. “I need to tell you. I have gotten word from Dracorex and Colonel Herreas. They are planning to trap the human’s hero. We need you to string them along and show them our portal.”

The UDC smiled. “I am way ahead of you guys.” He tried to lean his arms back, but could not, so he settled for keeping them down. “Will you get me out of here now, then?”

“No,” the dark figure UDC said. “You are in a key position to give the humans intel we want. If you continue to follow the orders, I give you, when I come to rescue you, I will make sure Colonel Herreas promotes you.”

“That’s more incentive than I need,” the UDC said. “It is easy to trick these monkey-like insects.” He then heard the muffled murmurs, and steps of approaching guards. The UDC looked at the door. “You have to g-” he looked back to see the dark figure and portal both gone.

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