Hot 100 Review: TROLLZ by 6ix9ine (feat. Nikki Minaj)

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It’s good to feel right every once in a while. So, for those playing the home version (is that even a thing? Was that a thing? It’s just a thing to say, anyway) I looked at 6ix9ine’s other big hit weeks ago and found it to feel like a joke. A generic hyper-aggressive rap by someone who looks like they just came out of a rainbows backside. It felt like a joke, or like I was being trolled…

You see where I’m going with this, right?

This newest his TROLLZ feels like an extension to his previous song while also being true to the songs namesake. Just not in the way they think. See, TROLLZ is about the people who troll you and put you down. It’s supposed to be a clap-back song. Instead we the audience are the ones being trolled. Instead of clapping back at the haters we are getting made fun of for thinking it is supposed to be a 6ix9ine song when in reality it’s a back door pilot for a Nikki Minaj comeback.

That’s not to say 6ix9ine is totally absent from the song. He helps the song at the start with some good production and backing vocals to set the mood before he goes into the same aggressive, woman hating rap style. That might be harsh but when most of his main lines have to do with propositioning sex for woman for material stuff it feels gross. Or it could be a whole big rouse and he is in fact one of the nicest guys ever and it’s just an act. Either way it’s a moot point considering all his flow and beat work goes out the window when Nikki Minaj enters.

It seems odd to say that Nikki Minaj needs a comeback considering just how prevalent her music is on Top 40 radio. The difference though is that music is often older hits from the mid-2010s. Her presence in the late 2010s till now has not been as big. So, her hopping onto a song by a rising artist makes sense and seems to have worked.

If you didn’t see that there is a “but” coming then here it is. The song feels like she too is in on the trolling. Though it’s not as much as the rest of the song the fact her first lines end with her saying “better” as “bettuurrrr” for seconds straight, I feel duped. The rest of her rap is fine enough. She does have a good, bouncy flow, and is clapping back at the haters. Though I don’t see all her lyrics as great I’m sure some women find lines like “Yeah, eat it, Cookie Monsta (ooh)/He a slave to this pussy, call me master:Real wet, I said, ‘Slurp it like it’s pasta…’” to be empowering. It’s just not for me.

The video is on brand for 6ix9ine based on what I saw of his last video. A mix of classic gangster rap iconography dipped in the pride flag with the artists rapping to the camera and hot girl around them. However it is not on brand for the song because it was exactly what I expected. I was not trolled into thinking it would be different in anyway. It’s just the same kind of video as his previous hit. I’m almost disappointed that it wasn’t more subversive.

This might be one of the most cohesive songs from a wholistic standpoint. The song is called TROLLZ, it’s about trolls and calling them out, and it feels like you get trolled listening to it. It’s almost impressive in that regard. If it had some better or more interesting word play in the flavor of “Racks, I got ’em, Mary, I’m Poppin’,” or “Check the boards (boards), I’m still topping,” I could see liking it better. But 6ix9ine’s whole attitude in the song just puts me off.

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