Triassic Invasion – Chapter 8, Period 6 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 6

Colonel Herreas stomped his feet over to face the person who entered the tent. “Can this wait General Dracorex?” he asked.

Nyansa and Alkeria bowed to the general. Herreas kept his arms crossed. Dracorex walked in further. A group of soldiers tried to peak in but got rejected when the tent flapped close. “Colonel Herreas,” he stated, “it’s good to see you? How is your mission going?” He raised a clawed hand. “Don’t tell me, I know the truth. You and your regiment have gone from one of our most successful dimensional outposts to bottom rung.” He stepped up to Herreas. He was markedly shorter than the colonel in size and stature. “My person on the inside has been keeping me updated on all the goings-on.”

Herreas huffed in Dracex’s face. 

Dracorex clicked his tongue. “Is that any way to speak to your superior officer,” he held up a glass vile full of a green liquid surrounded in a bone casing, “who comes bearing presents for our next generation; and you if you’re lucky.” 

“I’ve had enough of your science messing with my team. Eorapst entered our ranks with your word, and he turned out to be incompetent.”

Nyansa rose and quickly stepped between his two superiors. “Now, now, let’s hear him out.”

“You’re stalling, Nyansa,” Herreas said. 

“What is it that you brought us?” Nyansa asked Dracorex. 

Dracorex sloshed the green fluid back and forth in the vile. He walked over to the vat of eggs, unscrewed the cap, then poured four doses in. They fizzled on contact. “This will give us the ability to see as you see, and track location and evolution.” He poured a half dose into the lid and stuck it out to Herreas. Nyansa took it and downed it immediately. He shivered a little. He poured a similar amount and gave each dose to the lieutenants. They all shivered. Dracorex gave the last dose to Herreas. Herreas took the dose then smashed the lid in his palm. 

“If you are quite done, Nyansa, go!” Herreas pointed toward the tent flap. “Take a few men with you.” He looked at Dracorex. “Now you go as well. I do not need the help from a General like yourself.” He walked up to the general and huffed in his face a second time. “So, you make sure the final plans are in place after I kill this world’s hero and make it our new home.” 

Dracorex said nothing. He raised and looked in the vile. A final mini dose sat at the bottom. He put it to Herrera’s face. “Why don’t you drink this little bit. Without the cap it’ll be Hell to transport.” Herreas swipes the vile and downed it. Dracorex took out a mirror on a stand. He tapped the mirror. He got a full face of himself. He showed it to Herreas. “Swipe to change the view you want to see, tap twice to turn off.”

Alkeria squeezed between the two and stole a look into the mirror. “You are like the human iPhone creator.”

“Tell this Mr. Phone creator he has much to learn.”

“I think he’s dead now,” Nyansa said

“Those humans will wish they were so lucky to be dead before we put our plans into motion,” Dracorex said.

“Go!!” Colonel Herreas commanded.

Nyansa scurried out.

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