My Least Favorite Kanto Pokemon Ranked

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Kicking off my first ranking from the Kanto games is my ranking of my least favorite Pokémon from the Kanto region. I know we all have those Pokémon that we just stay away from because we don’t like the design or we just have no real urge to use them or even for other reasons. I like to say that I’m pretty open to using any Pokémon after I complete the story, but even I find myself staying away from certain Pokémon. I don’t think the Kanto Pokémon have too many that are terrible designs or no real urge to use, but it also wasn’t too hard to come up with a solid list. I will of course be sticking with the 151 Pokémon that were introduced in the first games and not any of the additional Pokémon from various other regions that you’re able to get in the remakes. With that, let’s get into my least favorites from the Kanto region!

10. Drowzee – Hypno

Some Pokémon on my future lists are very specific and not include the whole evolution line, but many of the ones I pick do in fact include the whole evolution line. Drowzee and Hypno are both psychic type, and are both terrible designs in my eyes. I understand the origin being of a creature or being that eats bad dreams, but I really can’t see the design matching up with how cool it could have been. I remember always meeting them outside of Vermillion city, but I just never wanted to use one and would rather stick with trying to catch the difficult Abra. Hypno isn’t any better, actually coming off as more weird looking than Drowzee was. It does get the ring thing for hypnotizing and some fur around the neck, but it really doesn’t look unique enough to be a solid evolution for Drowzee. Checking into its origins also proved to be pointless since it falls right in line with what Drowzee came from. I know it’s an evolution so they’re going to share similarities, but this Pokémon is just forgettable with no want for me to have other than to finish the Pokedex. Easily one of my least favorite psychic Pokémon in the whole series and one of the most forgettable.

9. Tangela

This is another Pokémon that suffers from design issues for me. It also doesn’t have a clear origin with some thoughts being that it stems from Medusa or even a swamp monster, but unfortunately it doesn’t live up to either one of those ideas. The design itself is weird because it’s two eyes on a black body surrounded by vines with no arms and red boots…? Why does it have red boots? Is it actually its feet or did it steal the red boots? I’m just so confused where exactly the shoes come from and what the purpose is. I also don’t quite understand what exactly it is. It’s just like a black ball of vines. It doesn’t seem unique and is quite forgettable when thinking back on it. I never used one and never had any urge to get one, the only thing I remember about it is how creepy looking it was in Red and Blue. Of course those sprites weren’t the best, but it was still pretty creepy looking. Fortunately though, its evolution picks up the slack by gaining arms and is a bit more memorable when introduced in the Sinnoh, but this Pokémon on its own is just not good.

8. Doduo – Dodrio

Based off of an ostrich or a dodo isn’t enough to save the design of Doduo and its evolution Dodrio. Both of the designs are just boring and not very inspiring. The only thing I can remember most about these Pokémon when playing through the games was that Dodrio could learn Tri-Attack which was kind of cool back in the day, but now I just could care less. I don’t remember it ever being that strong and found it pretty easy to beat when a trainer had it, but it was never really the strength for me because I do like to use some Pokémon that I know to be weaker, just Doduo and Dodrio are not appealing in any way to me. On top of not being appealing, they both are capable of learning Steel Wing and Fly…How can they even learn those moves without having wings?? I never understood that and I think I might have used one of them once when I needed a Pokemon that could learn Fly, but that’s about as useful as they get. It was so bad that I don’t even think any of the main characters in any of the series ever used one. It would be better off forgotten about or known as being the worst of any of the flying Pokémon.

7. Spearow – Fearow

Crazy right? I just said that Doduo and Dodrio are the worst of all flying types, but now you see Spearow and Fearow here. That makes sense right? Okay, so I think Doduo and its evolution is in fact one of the absolute worst flying types when it comes to actual usage, however, Spearow and Fearow are a Pokémon that I have a separate reason for disliking. Okay, so there’s two main reasons why I put these two on this list. The first of which is that it is far inferior to the Pidgey line and just doesn’t stack up next to it. On top of that, it seemed like all of the birdkeeper trainers from Red had both of these Pokémon which made battling them uninspiring and annoying. The birdkeepers tended to also have Doduo or Dodrio, but something about the look of both Spearow and Fearow just irritated me which could stem back to my other reason for disliking them. This may not be entirely fair since I’m supposed to be basing these opinions mostly off the games, but I hate Spearow for what it did to Ash and Pikachu in the very first episode. Is that fair? It should be, ever since that day I just always had a dislike for Spearow so sorry pal but that’s why you made the list.

6. Paras – Parasect

Okay, back to the show again for this one. I fondly remember the episode where Ash is training his Charmeleon against a Paras I think. It was one of the two, but I always laughed because Charmeleon would just poke it and it would faint. That Paras or Parasect was so weak and very telling of how I felt about the Pokemon when playing through the games. Again, easily one of the most forgettable Pokemon out there and I just really don’t care about it at all. Neither Paras or the evolution has any characteristics that I like and unfortunately I just see no need to ever use one. I don’t have much to say other than that.

5. Voltorb – Electrode

Everyone complaining later on about the inanimate objects as Pokémon need to look back to generation 1 for the first examples of this. Voltorb and Electrode seem to be based off of Pokeballs and they just don’t work. Voltorb works better of the two having a more menacing face and being an electric type, but Electrode breaks that mold by gaining a mouth and a more excited face that just looks weird. The only memorable thing about these Pokémon is that you can expect them to explode on you which always pissed me off. I don’t find any use for them and have never tried to use one.

4. Jynx

Ew. This Pokemon is just creepy and makes me feel so uncomfortable. If it wasn’t for the disturbing sprites in the early games than it was the uncomfortable representation of it during the anime. I vaguely remember one episode being controversial with a Jynx in it, but I’m not even sure if it was ever aired in America. It just isn’t an appealing Pokémon to look at by design. The longer you look at it, the creepier it gets and more uncomfortable I feel. It does have some good moves that it can learn, but ultimately I just don’t understand where the creative team was going with this design and I feel may not have made the games if it was pitched today as a concept. Ew. Just. Ew.

3. Tentacool – Tentacruel

This marks my top three and all three are at the top of this list for very similar reasons. I will say that one of the cooler aspects about Tentacruel was the episode where a giant one attacks the city even though it really isn’t supposed to be that big. I just vividly remember the episode and always enjoyed watching it. On the flipside though, if you ever went surfing in these games then you know what it was like to always encounter wild Pokémon to an annoyingly irritating level and it was always a Tentacool. I could not stand having to surf and deal with getting stopped over and over again by this dumb jellyfish that might actually be a good Pokemon if it didn’t spend most of its time just pissing me off as much as it does. Unfortunately because of the obnoxious appearances, I don’t think I can ever find myself using one unless somewhere in the future it gets a new form of some kind.

2. Rattatta – Ratticate

As I said before, this Pokémon also suffers from the same obnoxious appearance issue that Tentacool had. I remember always running into them and always battling the youngsters who always had one of the two and on top of that, there just is no need to even use one. I don’t like anything about the designs or the move sets and it only becomes interesting when they receive Alolan forms, but I can’t count that for this list. It’s just an absolutely annoying Pokémon to deal with when the playing through the games.

  1. Zubat – Golbat

I’m not going to harp too much on this one. You ever go through any of the mountains or caves? You ever fight Team Rocket? Well then you have faced a least a couple thousand Zubat and/or Golbat. It is the most annoying Pokemon whenever it is included in a regional pokedex. It is easily my least favorite Pokemon of the Kanto region mostly for this reason.

With that, I have given my top ten least favorite Pokemon of the Kanto region. I’m sure there are some on this list that you will disagree with and some that you will agree with, but either way this is of course my list and my opinion, but feel free to comment below your thoughts and which Pokemon you would put on this list. Make sure to comment or email us at and follow us @TowerCityMedia and be on the lookout for the next list!

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