Triassic Invasion – Chapter 8, Period 7 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 7

Early morning sunlight broke through the dusted windows, and a human-sized hole in the roof of the transport station. Two military Humvees were parked catty-cornered to the crack in the world. Two men stood behind the open doors of the Humvees and armed with machine guns. “So, Jones,” one said.

“Yes, Jons?” said Jones.

“Do you really think these UDCs are as strong as Colonel Saucher says?” Jons asked. 

“I don’t think it matters,” Jones said. 

“I wish I had your dedication to the point and kill approach,” Jons said.

“We don’t have time to always think about the enemy in front of us.”

“Figuratively, in this case,” Jons said. 

The portal crackled. Electrical bolts flared wildly along the walls. The two soldiers raised their guns. The crack popped and expanded. Nyansa reached a claw out, grabbed the edge of the crack and pulled himself out. Four raptors followed behind him. 

“Stand down!” Jones said. He pointed his gun at the five. 

“Raise your hands and go back to the portal you came in from,” Jons said. 

Nyansa raised his hands. “You humans are so hostile. Your hatred of the other. The unknown. That tracks.” His tail slithered along the cold concrete floor. His four soldiers looked to their commander. Nyansa flicked his wrist at the humans. The raptors leaped at the soldiers. 

It was a quick massacre. The raptors scurried over the Humvees, pounced on the soldiers and tore them limb from limb, licking and cleaning along the way. Nyansa moved toward his men. He pointed at two of them. “Take these two bodies to the 12.” He then pointed to the other two raptors. “You’re with me.”  

Two of the raptors dragged the bodies into the portal. It flashed green, and static blasted against the walls. “How will you find him?” one of the remaining raptors asked? 

Nyansa stuck his nose into the air and sniffed the scent around him. The odor waltzed around the air and into his nostrils. He got the familiar smell of Dieous, and a less familiar one as well. “I’ve met Deious before. I know what he smells like. I can track him.” He looked up at the sunlight beaming from the roof. He pointed his finger toward the exit. “I think it is time to hunt.” They cleared the hole with ease.

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