My Favorite Kanto Pokemon Ranked

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Having completed my least favorite Pokémon, which consisted of a mixture of terrible designs or just plain annoyance, I now have compiled my favorite Pokémon from the Kanto games. A list that will be much more appealing to look at and much easier to talk about. This isn’t my favorite region by designs, but there are many from this region that I genuinely like and continue to like as some of my all-time favorites. I won’t get into it too much though since you are just wanting to get into the list so here we go! Remember these are just my opinion so of course yours will be different.

10 . Zapdos

Okay so, I created this list before watching someone else’s opinions on some Pokémon including Zapdos, and they made a funny comment that didn’t change my opinion. They said that Zapdos looked like it was cut out from construction paper which is hilarious, but I still love the lightning bird. A few reasons why I like this electric chicken are that it was always the go to legendary bird when I played through the games and I’m a fan of electric types that seemed to not get much love in the earlier games. There were electric Pokémon, but there just weren’t that many unique ones until we got into later generations. It did make Zapdos one of the cooler looking and stronger electric types for a while. Although, it is more of a sentimental thing though since it was always the easier bird for me to find in the games. I remember that Moltres was in Victory Road, but I never just came across it, while Zapdos was always easy by just going into the Power Plant. Articuno was difficult to find on the islands, so it was always just the easier one to get for me. Also, it was my go to Pokémon when I didn’t have a strong enough team for the Elite Four so I have definitely used it more than the others.

9. Ditto

I may be in the minority by liking this one as much as I do since the design is fairly simple and isn’t all that strong, but I really do like Ditto. It’s a Pokémon that I would never and have never used in a playthrough, but I like the concept of it being able to transform into the opposing Pokémon, but it just isn’t practical enough for an in-game playthrough. I remember in the show when Ash was going through the Orange Islands, the Champion Drake? I think that’s his name, he had a Ditto if I remember right and I remember enjoying that battle. Ditto seems like it would be great to use if you were in the show and it would be a lot of fun, but for the games it isn’t. The other great thing about it is the mechanic of it being able to breed with any Pokémon do to the fact that it can transform so of course I frequently use one for breeding. It may not sound like I give enough reasons for putting it on this list, but just something about it I really like.

8. Muk

This one is a bit of a mixed bag as far as how I’m going to explain this. So in my least favorite list, I pretty much disliked the whole evolution line of the Pokémon on the list. In this list though I bring to you the first Pokémon where I dislike its first form, but really like its evolution. Grimer is just goofy looking sludge that I have never liked and would only get so that I could evolve it into a Muk. I don’t like the look of Grimer at all which sucks, but I like it enough to use until it does evolve. I like Muk now more than I did in the past. I’m not sure what exactly turned me, but I do enjoy using it anytime I want a poison type and would use it in a playthrough if it were an option in Sword and Shield which it isn’t yet unfortunately. I also really like Muk from its appearances in the anime and how it always jumped on Professor Oak. It was surprisingly strong when Ash used it, but seemed to be forgotten about and not used as much as it could have been. I just really wish I could use one in a playthrough right now.

7. Snorlax

This giant loveable giant thing is an instant classic for the Kanto games. There isn’t a whole lot to stay about it other than its great design and incredible range of moves that it can use. I believe in all of my playthroughs of the Kanto games, I used one of the two Snorlax that you have an opportunity to wake up and catch. It’s hard not to use one when it has such great stats and access to a multitude of different typed moves. It’s a powerhouse when trained well and can save you in tight spots. It’s just overall a great Pokémon. Also I think it’s one of the only Pokémon in the show that could use more than four moves in a battle which means it’s completely broken in the show.

6. Krabby – Kingler

I don’t particularly love their designs, and they don’t have fantastic stats, but I do love the color scheme they use and it was awesome in the show. I would use one now in a playthrough, but I haven’t yet gotten around to using one, maybe the next time I do a playthrough I will. I think the anime was the biggest reason why I like it as much as I do. I remember that his Krabby was much smaller than Gary’s and I always felt bad for it until it actually had a chance to battle. Every time it did battle though it manhandled its opponents. I remember one time it was facing an Exeggutor and it used Vice Grip to launch it which was surprising and funny. It only became better when it evolved into Kingler and I believe it’s one of Ash’s most underrated Pokémon. I also just tend to like most of the crab like designed Pokémon in all of the games like Corphish or Clawitzer so maybe I just like that type of Pokémon. Thinking on it now, I think I will use a Kingler on my next playthrough.

5. Kabutops

I don’t like too many of the fossil Pokemon and I usually don’t like their first form so in this case I don’t like Kabuto, but I really like its evolution a lot. I haven’t actually used one in a playthrough, but I did always go out of my way to pick that fossil and then train and level it up after I finish the game so that I can have a strong one. I would actually use it through a playthrough of Sword and Shield if it were an option but as of right now it isn’t so we’ll have to wait on that. I don’t remember it being in the show very much so I don’t have any fond memories that made me like it from the show so I think it just comes down to overall design. It’s a water/rock type which means it swims in the ocean. My favorite animal is a shark which this doesn’t look like at all, but I love the design and how crazy it would be to see this thing swimming at you in the water. It’s terrifying and perfect as a design and I love to have one accessible to use.

4. Pidgey – Pidgeotto – Pidgeot

There’s not a lot to say about this line other than the nostalgia factor of using it in every single playthrough and for it being the original starting bird. Anytime this Pokémon line is available, I use it because it is powerful when leveled up, but it’s also a classic for the games and in the show and I was upset when Ash released his. I can’t say much about it other than I just really like the design and have always loved it and loved to use it. It’s fantastic and will always be one of my favorites. Yes, I said I wasn’t going to include Mega evolutions, but this pic has that just because it’s awesome.

3. Nidoran – Nidorino – Nidoking

I remember always like the design of Nidorino and occasionally using one way back in Red, but I don’t think I knew how to evolve it so at some point I stopped using it. It wasn’t until my playthrough of Fire Red that I knew how to evolve it and used Nidoking as one of my main powerhouses on my team. Nidoking has a rad design with some great stats and some incredible moves that it can learn that makes it an absolute monster if you teach it the right moves and train it enough. On top of that, it can also evolve very early on in the game which makes it that much more crazy to use. It is of course another Pokemon that I wish I could use but can’t right now in Sowrd and Shield, but is instantly a Pokemon I will have when it becomes available. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

2. Gastly – Haunter – Gengar

I don’t care too much for Gastly but Haunter is pretty awesome. Ash also caught a Haunter to beat Sabrina. Actually I don’t know if he actually caught it or it just befriended Ash, I can’t remember that part but I know it wasn’t so cut and dry because he ended up giving it to Sabrina too I think. Either way though, it’s a really good Ghost type to use that only becomes better if you can trade it with someone and get it back to have a Gengar which is one of the all-time best designed Pokemon and my favorite ghost type. Gengar is very strong and tough to beat when facing the Elite Four, the only thing that holds it back is how you have to trade it to evolve. Thankfully though, Sword and Shield helps a lot of these trade issues by making the evolutions available in the Wild Area. I never used one in any of my playthroughs, but I have used Haunter on a few occasions. I just really love the design and everything about it, and Ash finally has one in the new anime so thankfully he finally got one.

  1. Charmander – Charmeleon – Charizard

Yes, I am one of those people that loves Charizard and will 100% have one in any of the games if it available. I had one in the Kanto games, Johto, Hoenn, Kalos, Alola, and Galar. I do like Blastoise and Venusaur a lot and will use them if available, but it was always Charizard that I went with and will default to on most occasions. It is one the coolest designed Pokemon in all of the games and is an absolute beast in most of them as well. It’s a fire dragon that has access to many strong typed attacks. It can destroy many of the tough trainers you go against if you have it leveled up enough and of course Ash had one and it was an absolute monster after he got to the Johto League. Some of the most memorable moments from the show involve his Charizard and it’s just a staple poster child for the series. I love Charizard and will always without hesitation use one. This concludes my list of my favorite Pokemon from the Kanto games. It is of course entirely from my point of view and the bottom half will actually change from time to time depending on when you ask me. I do also frequently switch out those with Blastoise or Venusaur and a few others, but for the most part, this is what I was feeling for this list. Make sure you comment below or send us an email at of what you think or even your list so that I can see what some of your favorites are. Also follow us @TowerCityMedia

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