Triassic Invasion – Chapter 8 Conclusion (Period-a-Day)

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Period 10

Colonel Herreas and his team witnessed everything. Saturn, a yellowed skinned saturnalia with roughed and spiked skin, and Alkiera slowly backed away from the screen, tails between their legs. The picture slowly crackled and faded to a thick black screen. Herreas’ expression refused to change. His eyes never broke away, even when the outcome was certain. His tail snapped and curled along the ground. 

“Very… umm… interesting,” Saturn said. 

“Agreed. He seems very dangerous,” Alkeria added. “Maybe Nyansa should have kept those other two with him, instead of having them bring those humans back here.” He looked at the vat, all that remained of Jons and Jones were undissolved pieces of bone and camo. The camo bumped the front egg. The bone tumbled in and was quickly absorbed by the egg. 

Herreas continued to say nothing. He never broke contact with the dead screen. 

“Well, sir,” Alkeria said, “what are we going to do? I vote to call one of the generals for help.”

“Agreed. Who would have thought that these humans would have been the ones who would cause so much trouble for us?” Saturn said. 

“Indeed, they looked like the weakest,” Alkeria said. He turned back to his commanding officer. “Well, will we call for help? We have Dracex’s lackey on the inside we could use for some help. 

“No,” Herreas’s voice boomed. His commanders froze. A smile inched across his face, displaying vicious teeth. “This gives us one more target to overcome.” He tapped the mirror. “We have one more person we can use to get to Deious.” 

Behind them one of the eggs started to shiver. The steamy acids splashed small waves onto either side of him. A single crack split along the top. A chill ran through the spines of everyone in the camp. Herreas and his commanders did not need to look back to know what happened. One of the 12 had begun to hatch.

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