Triassic Invasion – Chapter 9, Period 2 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 2

Alkeria, Saturn, and the third lieutenant Starkio, a forest green Staurikosaurus, stood over the egg nest. Meat boiled and melted in the acid. The first egg absorbed most of the juices. It grew and cracked more. “We don’t have long,” Saturn said. 

“Once he hatches everything will change,” Alkeria said. “We’ll become a snack for sure.”

“We could smash the eggs now, keep our place at the top of the food chain here,” Starkio said. 

“I don’t think the colonel would go for that,” Alkeria said. 

“I disagree,” Starkio said. “He hates the higher-ups getting involved. These guys are the embodiment of what he hates. We kill them, we stay top bear-dog.”

“You bring it up to him then,” Saturn said. 

“Let’s not jump too far from the goal here,” Alkeria said. “If we bring it up and he goes no we will be killed instead. I say we just kill Deious and that elderly human first.”

“Why?” Saturn asked.  

“If we kill them, we’ll be seen as useful and spared from certain death by whoever hatches.” 

“Sounds like a great idea, Alkeria. You go,” boomed Herreas’s voice. He stood in the doorway, sun against his back, and massive arms crossed along his chest. His three lackeys froze. It took them a minute to thaw and work up the courage to slowly turn around. The same sharp-toothed grin was spread around his face. 

“Why me, sir?” Alkeria’s voice trembled the words out. 

“It was your idea. Therefore,” he placed his massive hand along the back of his neck, “you should do it.” He squeezed lightly. “Because you’re so broken up and want revenge for poor Nyansa.” There was a low crack. Saturn and Starkio could feel the snap in his bones. Alkeria couldn’t stop shaking. “There, I think I got that crick in your neck.” 

“Tha-thank you, sir.”

“Good.” Herreas seemed pleased for the first time. “NOW GO!” he commanded. That pleasure went away quickly. Alkeria zipped away, leaving a blue and orange streak, and cowering teammates. Herreas leaned in close to his final two captains. He stroked his chin with his thick hand. “Now tell me more of your plan to destroy the eggs.” His breath was hot against the captains’ neck. It made them quiver.

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