Triassic Invasion – Chapter 9, Period 4 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 4 

Jamie was seated like Kyane and Desmond never left. He had his laptop sat in front of him with his textbooks on one side, and some notebook paper on the other. The sun came in and covered the whole room. His laptop pinged. He looked and saw that his VIN number search came back. It was a van bought by the lab downtown.

There was a knock, knock on the door. 

“Knock, knock,” Desmond said. Jamie smiled.


“You don’t have to say it after you do it,” Kyane said. 

“I… I am glad you guys are here.” Jamie minimized the search results and closed his laptop. The two entered together. Her size complemented his in a way Jamie couldn’t figure out why. “Aww, you’re a… you guys are cute… couple.” 

“We’re not a couple,” they said together.

“We’ve just gone on dates and have another big one planned in a few weeks is all,” Kyane said. 

“But not fa-fa-fa… Facebook official,” Jamie said. He cringed. “I can’t believe I said that.” Kyane took the seat while Desmond stood next to her. “So why are you gu-gu-guys… here?” 

 “We come bearing presents,” Desmond said. 

Kyane unzipped her book bag. Kyane handed over a stack of textbooks and papers. “Like homework. The only better present is the Halloween toothbrush.” 

Jamie placed the textbooks on the bed next to him. They slid to his waist. He sifted through the sheets, then lifted up a worksheet. “I already did… did… did this,” he said. 

“Some of that is up to a week ahead if you’re not quite ready to go back to school again,” Desmond said. 

“I already did all this,” Jamie said. Kyane and Desmond’s face dropped like cartoons. “I am in this hop… hops… hospital for da-da-da… days now. There is not much else to do. Aside from-nevermind.”

“I haven’t done the work from last week,” Kyane said. 

“And other presents too,” Desmond picked up the white FYE bag and handed it to him. “I saw that poster on your wall and thought you’d like it.”

Jamie pulled out the Pop Figure. His face actually changed to a semblance of excitement. “Very cool guys. Thank you!” He put the figure on top of his laptop. “I would hug you guys but I kinda can’t move.” 

“It’s all good,” Kyane said. “I was kind of worried when he brought you up on our date.” Kyane’s phone rang. She checked it. “Give me a second guys.” She got up and walked out. 

Desmond spent no time taking her seat and getting comfortable. “So, did you get the text I sent you?”

“I got a bunch of info for you!” Jamie said. “Do-do-do-does she kn… know the truth?” He nodded to Kyane outside. 

“No, she believes the story the news is saying. Violent flash mob in raptor suits. Thank god. I don’t know how’d she’d take the truth.”

“Yeah, flash mobs are more than three people,” Jamie said. What Desmond meant slapped his face. “That’s not what you meant. I did find out that the van is owned by Sky Rise Industries.”

“Who are they?” Desmond asked. He leaned in. The books and papers slid to him. 

“They are a local laboratory that has developed long-lasting provisions for the mi-mi-mi-military, modified food seeds to help food grown in harsh conditions,” Desmond cut him off.

“And Iron Man armor superhero stuff.”

“Something like that.” Jamie brought up the webpage for SkyRise. “I have che… checked through their pa-pa-pa-patent work. Nothing is there that mentions robot armor like that. Or any technology patents.” 

“Who started it? Rise Sky?”

“You don’t list-listen, do you?” Jamie brought up a faded color image of an older man with a colored tie and a host of beakers in front of him. “The founder was named Alphonse Lectus.”

“What was his deal?” 

“He did some work on ‘evolving the world’ through genetically engineered plants to grow in places they weren’t meant to. All for us to-to-to-to ‘rise and meet the sky’ as he puts it.”

Desmond nodded. “I’ll pretend like I got that stuff, Jay.” He leaned forward, snapped a picture and sent it to Harry, then leaned back in the chair and knocked against the wall. “So, I guess the real question is how they go from plants are the best to again, robot superhero person.” 

“We’ll just have to spec… speculate, I guess,” Jamie said.

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