Triassic Invasion – Chapter 9, Period 6 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 6

Alkeria zipped through the streets, an orange and blue blur of terror. He stopped on a downtown street corner. A group of pedestrians gave him a side-eye. He heard the mumbles of being tacky, and too soon after the tragedy of the mall incident. He felt someone yank on his tail. He spun around to see a toddler in a pink onesie and two tiny pigtails laughing. The mother chastised the child. Alkeria hissed and bared his teeth at her. The toddle raised a tiny hand and poked his nose. He puffed. 

The crosswalk signal changed, and the people moved on like he was never there. He scanned the skyline to look for a place to go and get off the street. These people ignored him, but he wouldn’t be that lucky for long. He spotted a mid-level apartment complex. Tall enough to not be seen, but not too tall that people would be suspicious that someone was up there. He took off. 

Alkeria weaved through the bumper-to-bumper, the start-and-stop traffic with ease. He cut passed a white convertible sports car with a kid with spiked hair in the driver’s seat. Danny slammed on his breaks and collided into the back of an SUV. A wall of honking followed. Danny beat his steering wheel. Alkeria leaped onto the top of a city transit bus, moved to a light pole, and swung onto the fire escape of the building, and up to the roof. He knelt and scoped his surroundings. 

The best place to grab a scent to track would be heading to the mall Nyansa was killed in, pick up on his scent, find the old fart, and kill him to bring Deious out, toast him too, and be top bear-dog when the first of the twelve hatched. His plan was in place, now just to find the mall. He sniffed the air and grabbed Nyansa’s scent. It was faint and dying, he quickly left the roof.

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