Triassic Invasion – Chapter 9, Period 7 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 7

“Kyane!” D13 chimed into her ear. 

Kyane halted at the corner of East and 14th St. A bus past her and parked to let people off. She leaned against the sign and caught her breath. “What… What’s up Die?”

“I just got a message of people seeing a human dinosaur creature at the corner of North and 18th St, followed by a couple of crashes.”

“Is it our UDC?” Kyane asked. 

“We must assume so. The crashes are reported to be from seeing a blur cross their vision causing the problems.” 

“Any updated positions?” The bus riders walked behind her in a wave. She heard some of them talking about the car that got rear-ended a few stops ago.  

“From sightings and guessing what his plan will be based on what the plans have been since Dieous’s coming out he will be going to the mall,” D13 said. “It was the place his peer died or was last seen. From there he could go after Shaotoro if he finds out what happened to him.”
    “So we go back to the mall and stop him,” Kyane said. She looked around. “It would be faster if I changed into Dieous.” She ran down the closest alleyway. She aligned the gems on her bracelets with the belt face. The belt began emitting a blue grid onto her body. The vibration spread with it. The clumps of black metal poured out of the stones and b-lined to the spaces on the grid. The pieces expanded to fix the grid space. Each piece smacked against her body, then snapped together like a puzzle. It was overall painless except for two pieces smacking her butt, and the breastplate mashing onto her chest. A tickle carried up her neck as metal extended from the back, and chest plate, covering her neck. The final pieces of metal snapped together with blue glass in the middle forming a helmet with a visor. The helmet snapped onto her skin. The outfit was complete. 

D13 brought up a possible map the UDC could use to get to the mall, and a blipping dot of where they were located. Dieous looked to the roof. Her engines revved. She vaulted onto the roof to scan the horizon. The map overlayed itself onto the HUD. A thick line of blue lights rose from the streets and to building height. The blue lights gave possible paths the UDC could take. Kyane checked the energy gauge in the corner of the HUD. “If this UDC is as fast as everything we’ve seen and heard, we need to take the path that saves us on energy,” Kyane said.

“It also means that it is not the colonel, most likely. He did not move as fast.”

Kyane let out a sigh. “No, it’s probably that speed one.” Perfect, she thought. 

One of the blue light paths beeped and blinked, the other paths faded away. Dieous jumped to the next building on the path.

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