Triassic Invasion – Chapter 10, Period 3 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 3

Sctellou sat where Herreas once did, on the large mammoth rug. Herreas stood cross-armed beside him. Sctellou had grown to Herreas’s size in just a week from eating and hunting the few animals on their world, and the few humans they had grabbed. But those numbers were low and dwindling. The rear flaps of the tent were open to cast more sunlight into the room. 

Saturn hesitantly walked up to him dragging a few of the dead raptor bodies Dieous took down behind him. “Sir, we have a problem.” 

“I can see that,” Sctellou said. “I’m very surprised you brought this to me to tell me this. Wouldn’t you think I would maybe kill you for such a disgrace to us as a species.” 

“I figured if I did not tell you, you would kill me once you found out our platoons have been losing more and more.”

Sctellou pointed to Herreas. “I like this one,” he said.

“Yes, he’s decent,” Herreas murmured. 

Sctellou rose and walked around in the sun. He stared up at the sky. “What is the problem we continue to run into with this hero earth has?”

“He arrives when we do and is able to take them out quickly,” Saturn said. 

“So, he is able to track, or predict where we are going to appear?” They didn’t say anything. “I assume yes then. Are we able to send multiple platoons out at the same time? I will need an actual answer with this one you too.”

“Yes,” Herreas said. “We can, but with no known limit to the barrier, we have refrained from pushing too much.” 

Sctellou’s stomach grumbled some. He raised his arms and bathed in the sun, then looked at the nest of eggs. “We need them to hatch soon. Are there any big events we will be able to crack?”

“We have information that high school is participating in a sports gala for all the high school athletes,” Saturn said. “There should be a large crowd for that.”

Sctellou nodded. He looked back to the plains, sky, and mountains stretching out before him. It took all his strength to pull his eyes away. He could feel Herreas’s glare. “Okay, we will send two units out.” He paused and looked back at the net and Saturn. “With proper leadership this time.” He walked and placed his hand on Saturn’s shoulder. “You and Starkio will both run teams, converge on the event. And with those two teams we will be able to distract Deious enough to accomplish this task.”

Saturn nodded. 

Herreas sneered. 

Sctellou looked toward Herreas. “Is there anything you would like to add Colonel Herreas? You have run this camp longer than I have been alive. You must have insight.” 

“I think that is a strong plan,” he said with gritted teeth. 

“Fantastic!” Sctellou said. “Soon my brothers will feel the awesomeness of this world and move on to the next one.”

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