Triassic Invasion – Chapter 10, Period 6 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 6

Saturn crawled out of a portal on the roof of an old apartment building and stood to face his platoon of 8 men. He looked to the moon. “Our plan is to make it to the Groupers: Bayside Seafood Company and meet Starkio’s platoon there. Is that clear?” 

A loud thud followed the question. They looked to see sky blue eyes emitting from the edge of the building. “I got it. I just have one question. What happens if you don’t reach the restaurant?” Dieous asked. She sat with one leg up on the edge of the building while the other leg dangled off the side. 

“Did you get that, Sensei?” Kyane asked.

“Yes,” he grunted. “I am about to reach them. Remember to focus on the follow-through, not just hit.”

“Yes, Sensei,” Kyane said. She closed the line. “Die, mark them on the HUD.”

“Yes, Kyane.” He highlighted the UDCs. They angled backward with four on each side, and two in the rear, one raptor and the other, Saturn. He then displayed numbers above their head. “Ready to go.”

“Good,” Kyane said. 

“There is still time to go home while you can enjoy it,” Dieous said. 

“There is no reason to go back there for us without success!” Raptor 7 said. 

“That is quite sad then.” Dieous flicked her wrists. The taser blasters rose from her arms. She pointed them at the two rows of raptors. “I feel bad for you. But less so because you attack innocent people.” 

“Can you tie the tasers together for one giant taser wall blast?” Kyane asked. 

D13 brought up the schematics of the tasers. Along the sides of the tasers, metal rods extend out. D13 activated them. The rods extended out, with just inches apart between the rods. The ammo count on each side of the HUD condensed themselves into three shots on the bottom of the HUD. 

“These blasts will not get all of them,” D13 said. “It will also drain your power, limiting what we will be able to do.” 

“I have a plan,” she said. 

Dieous lowered the blast to the roof. Blue static shot across both sides creating a blue ball of energy that hummed on both sides. She fired the ball. It sailed out of the rods, slammed onto the roof. Static extended out and cracked the floor. Three of the UDCs collapsed. The left fell to the top floor as the roof collapsed. They fell with hard thuds and slams. Dieous glided down using the leg engines. 

“Stay sharp, Die,” Kyane said. 

A blue bar scanned across the HUD. It only picked up debris. “Sharp as a steak knife.”

“Just a tiny steak knife, not like a big sword or ax, or something?” 

The warning alarm blared in her ear. “Behind you, Kyane.” 

Dieous spun around to see a Raptor 2 plunging out of the smoke and rubble. Dieous caught him by the neck. Raptors 3 and 8 jumped out of the smoke behind her. She jumped and kicked them to the side, then tossed Raptor 2 into the wall. She fired her jets to land back to the ground and push the smoke out. “I already took five of you down. What’s four more?” 

The smoke and debris cleared. All that was around her were the five knocked out raptors and rubble from the roof falling. The downed raptors quickly destabilized away. It was a strange sense of calm that developed. 

“They have left the area,” D13 said. 

“I figured.” Dieous stepped on the edge of the roof and knelt over. “Bring up a map to the restaurant, and the most likely route they would have taken.” A highlighted blue line appeared over the roofs and streets on the HUD. She opened her line to Shaotoro. “Sensei, how did you do?” 

There was heavy breathing at the other end of the line, followed by panting. “The boss and two of his men got away.”

“Did you get a route to intercept them before they can reach the restaurant?”


“It’s possible both platoons split in order to converge in the same location,” D13 said. Dieous jetted to the adjacent building. The night air whipped across his body. “Sending two leaders with a large force they planned on jettisoning when you arrived means they predicted our intervention and want a large-scale victory.”

“Why now after so long?” huffed Shaotoro. 

“One of the 12 has been born,” D13 said. 

“Die!” Kyane scolded.

“What? You knew this Kyane?”

“Yes,” she said. 

“We will talk about this later,” Shaotoro said. “Let’s just stop them first.” 

Dieous jumped to another building. The breeze picked up into a wind the closer they got to the ocean. They had not picked up any UDC signatures, and they were closing in. She hurled herself off the building and fired her engines at full power, diverting the taser power to increase thrust and endurance.

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