Triassic Invasion – Chapter 11, Period 1 (Period-a-Day)

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Class 11 – Rhetian Rematch

Period 1

Desmond found it hard to form words. His mouth turned into an amorphous mess of contorting lips and half started words. He kept scratching at his shaved head, unable to stop, and unable to think of a reason to stop. Kyane continued to pensively look at the tattered and ruined crimson restaurant carpet around her. She shivered when a strong gust of cold wind blew through the broken windows. Her old red tank top and black sweatpants didn’t give her any protection. She shivered vigorously 

Everything clicked at that moment. 

Desmond placed the trophy on the floor between them. “Hold on,” he managed to say. He walked over to his jacket. Kyane’s eyes followed him. He dusted it off, walked back over, then draped it over her shoulders. “How is this?” 

“Better,” Kyane said. She quickly buried her hands in her face. “I’m sorry,” she said. Her hands muffled her words, and her tears. “I want to be a good girlfriend, I just can’t.” 

Desmond pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her. “It’s okay, Ky. You could have just said you’re a cool superhero and I would have gotten it.”

Kyane dried her tears on his shirt. Wet stains spread out on the white cloth. She looked up at him. He gave a warm smile. His eyes lost any anger they once had for her. Her heart began to beat faster and faster. She wrapped her arms around him. Her hands couldn’t even touch. 

She leaned up, he leaned down. Their lips touched. A taser blast exploded through their bodies. The world around them stopped for the second of electricity blasting off them. Kyane’s heart didn’t stop racing, but the claw never came. It was a moment of quiet. The only moment she had. She kissed him again. They pulled each other closer. The electricity exploded everywhere. 

Shaotoro stepped down the stairs and coughed. They immediately separated and looked at him. Shaotoro nodded to the deck exit then turned back around and met Jerry at the front of the restaurant. 

Kyane’s growling stomach broke the silent electricity around them. She pulled back. “Sorry, I haven’t eaten in a while.” 

“It’s cool,” Desmond said. “Want to get something to eat?” 

The two looked around the ruined room. Glass laid sprinkled on the floor with smooshed plates of food, and spilled water. Only a couple of tables remained standing. All others were either smashed, tossed, flipped, or destroyed in any other way. The wind blew up and picked up scraps of the tablecloth and napkins and pushed them into the far wall. “Yeah, none of that looks edible,” Kyane said. 

The couple snuck out the deck exit, and onto the crowded street. They ducked down an alleyway, weaved through the parked cars in traffic, and arrived onto the main strip of fast-food restaurants, then chose their restaurant. They never let go of the other’s hand. 

The two got their burger meals and sat outback, away from possible prying eyes. Desmond took a large bite of his double bacon burger. “When you get that Dieous armor stuff?” he said with his mouth full. 

“That first night you saw it… him… me. In that alleyway.” She dipped a french fry in her vanilla milkshake. 

“What’s it like? You know, being in the suit and stuff?” Desmond slurped some of his soda. 

“Fine now.”

“I mean like then.”

“Like I’m myself, but not myself, but more than myself, and less. It’s weird. I can kind of do anything I want in that suit. It feels very light, kind of like it isn’t really on me. It’s not giving its full weight, I guess. It does need to recharge and stuff. But I feel like I could do anything after a while.” She looked at the embedded garbage splatter on the brick in front of them. It arched up like a couple blocks before falling and repeating in a familiar pattern. “Mostly it hit when I jumped across the bridge out of the city.”

Desmond shot his Coke out of his nose. “Holy! You did that! You can do that!?” 

“Yeah. I mean it drains my suit’s power really bad, so I can’t keep it up for too long, but I did.” 

“Cool.” He finished his burger. “So, did you believe any of those stories then, like fake believe them?”

“I should ask you that. I mean did you really think they were just guys in dinosaur costumes or whatever?”

“No, and it makes no sense, right? Cause the news had whoever attacked us with video, and costumes are like totally easy to track. So, they should have figured out who it was already. It was kinda too, like, fishy.”

“I don’t think they even thought about it like that. Just as long as the public didn’t know, I guess. I don’t know, that wasn’t my job. I just beat them up.”

“Yeah.” They ate their meals in a moment of calm.  “That’s how you knew our names!” Desmond said the dots of Dieous saying his and Jamie’s name the night they first saw him. 

“Yeah. I mean to operate, Die. He can search like everything about a person if he wants, I guess.” She squirted her ketchup packet onto a piece of wrapper. “You really should get that History grade up.” 

“It’s not my fault, man. Davis is wack. Those tests are bogus-hey! No changin the topic now!”

They laughed.

“We have to tell Jamie, don’t we?” Kyane asked, coming down from the moment. 

“I mean, yeah. He and Harry. They both need to know. We’ve been doing like all this work trying to find out who he was, only for you to just say it. Wasted my time.”

“I’m sorry, I just had to keep it a secret.” She kicked a can into the side of the garbage bin. “I mean it didn’t like help or anything. Jamie still got hurt. That’s my fault. Those UDCs who attacked us at the mall, that was my fault.” 

“Are UDCs the name you have for those dino-monster dudes?” 

“Yeah, Unidentified Dinosaur Creatures. They took Jamie, and almost killed him.” She shook her head. 

Desmond rubbed her back. “You tried to get them, and you saved him.”

“Do you think he’ll be mad?” 

“No, he’s pretty chill about that stuff.”


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