Triassic Invasion – Chapter 11, Period 2 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 2

Sctellou wriggled his tail in glee. Herreas stood impatiently tapping his foot. Saturn died with his eyes open. The flash of blue light distorted the screen, but quickly faded to leave the young teenage physique of Kyane remaining. “Interesting, a young female has been our bane,” Sctellou said. 

“Makes so much sense. She’s a puny weak child.” Herreas tapped the mirror. The image wobbled back to a black screen. He then recrossed his arms.  

“You say how weak this Dieous is, but we have now lost all your men to her and have not gone back to finish the job. I wonder more of what that says about you than her?”

“Don’t question me!” Herreas snapped his tail. The mirror flew into the air. “I fought him! Not you!” 

Sctellou whipped his tail around the mirror and sat it back onto the table. “Quite right. I can’t argue with that. I just must imagine what others think of you. You’ve sent so many to their deaths when you said you could finish it if you could.”  Sctellou cocked his head and stared intently at Herreas’s crossed arms. He noted a small black and blue mark around his hand. “Almost like you’re nursing a wound and hiding it in plain sight.”

Herreas’s eye twitched. “My men would never speak such a way toward me because they would not live passed it.” 

Sctellou shook his head. “I did just now, and you let me live. What does that mean about you and me?” Sctellou stepped into Herreas’s face. He stood a good four inches taller now. 

Herreas’s eye twitched. He pulled his arm back and punched forward. Sctellou leaned away from the hit, raised his hands, pushed the arm out, then snapped them into a double punch to Herreas’s chest. It forced a reflexive cough out of him. Herreas stepped forward only to meet with a tail in his face. His eye twitched again. 

“My brothers and I are not like you. We were made differently. Made better. Made to enjoy everything you take for granted. Made to take everything you don’t respect.”

“What do you want?” Herreas said. His eye twitched again.

Sctellou lowered his tail to resting level just above the ground. “I would like you to prove your worth. Show how true your words are by killing the teenage, and that old man to pave the way the rest of my brothers to enjoy the hard work you did, and let the generals do the rest.” 

Herreas looked at the ground around him. A small insect scurried into the dirt under the rug around them. He could feel the twitching continue. He closed his eyes, then envisioned that tiny girl’s body strung together with the old man’s and him getting the reward from the generals upon their arrival. He opened his eyes and looked at Sctellou. They no longer twitched. They were strong. He saw his end in sight. “I will gather my men.” 

“Goooood,” Sctellou said devilishly. He tapped the mirror back on. It waved and wobbled to life. He slid the black image until it showed one of himself from Herreas’s view. “I’ll be watching.” He tapped his claws, and his voice rose an octave in anticipation. 

Herreas re-crossed his arms again then trudged out of the tent.

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