Triassic Invasion – Chapter 11, Period 3 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 3

Kyane pretended to forget to tell her parents she revealed her secret identity but told the rest of her night to them. She also didn’t mention the kiss. That didn’t feel as crushingly guilty to omit. When she got to her room, she texted Jamie and said they had to talk after school, with Harry and Desmond.

They met behind the bleachers of the football field after practice. Desmond and Harry came late. He said he had to come up with an excuse for why he didn’t come with the rest of his team to the party for the senior players at Danny’s house that night. 

“What do you… want to talk to me… about?” Jamie asked, getting the group back on topic. He gripped the straps on his book bag tightly. 

Kyane and Desmond looked at each other. Desmond nodded. Kyane nodded in return. She took off her backpack and aligned the morphers. A bright blue flash ignited in their faces. Jamie and Harry blocked it with his hands. When the lights dimmed and evaporated Dieous stood in her place. “I don’t want to alarm you,” she said. “But I think you can guess.”

Jamie’s glasses fell to the ground and bounced on the grass below. “This makes…” he examined the armor thoroughly, “so much sense.”

“It so does!” Harry said.

“That’s what I said,” Desmond added. 

“I can’t stand for this,” D13 chimed into Kyane’s ear. 

“You can’t stand at all,” Dieous said. 

“What?” the three boys asked in unison.

Dieous pointed to her helmet. “Sorry, I have the AI in here with me, and he’s not happy I’m showing off who I am.”

“It will get you in trouble, and put them in danger,” D13 insisted.

“They’ve been in more than enough danger as is. They will be fine knowing the truth.”

Dieous touched the latch on his helmet. The metal and blue detached and sucked itself into the neckpiece. Kyane’s hair bounced out. “Will you forgive me?” she asked Jamie. 

“For what?” Jamie said, completely unaware of why she would apologize.

“Dude,” Harry said. He rubbed his face. 

“For not saving you sooner and putting you into this mess.”

“There’s nothing you could have done I guess, but I guess this means I need to tell you-” 

Jamie was cut off by a honking of horns and the blaring of sirens. They spun around to see Jeeps driving onto their location and approaching fast. Kyane tapped the latch and the helmet clicked back onto her head. “Stand back,” she said. He blasted his engines and jumped toward the closest Jeep. The driver slammed on brakes quickly. Dieous landed and threw a punch. The Jeep screeched to a halt. Grass and weeds flew into the air like a bomb went off. They were mere inches apart. The other jeeps skidded to a halt. 

Jerry and Vic stepped out of the first Jeep. “Kyane! What the hell!?” Vic raised his weapon. Dieous snapped to a stand. Vic did not seem phased by the fact a human in tank armor stood before him. Jerry held an iPad in his hands. Dieous could see a live video of himself looking at the iPad. “How dare you involve civilians!” He prodded the tablet at his chest. 

“Jerry, look, they’re already involved, to begin with. They were the start. You can’t-”

“Shut up.” Jerry walked past them. Soldiers and military police surrounded the teens. “Take them in for questioning.” He rubbed his hand down his face. “Maybe we can save this before Benvise finds out.” He spun on his heels toward Dieous. “You are in it now!” Vic walked up to Jerry and whispered something in his ear. Jerry nodded. “Definitely take them away.” He shook his head. 

Desmond and Jamie looked at Dieous. Harry kept his eyes away. Their eyes took up most of their face. They were the deer with a car fast approaching. They were dragged into separate jeeps. Jamie and Harry walked with the soldiers. Meanwhile it took three men to yank Desmond from his spot and into the car. 

Dieous glared at Jerry, though he was unaware of it. She walked back into the Jeep and called Dieous to join him on the drive back to their base. 

The convoy quickly sped downtown to reach the base of operations. Desmond, Harry, and Jamie were taken to separate interview rooms. Dieous went with Jerry to a third room with video feeds of interview rooms. They were joined by Hinotomi, Damon, and Marshall. Dieous refused to say a word or acknowledge anyone. 

The investigator went into Desmond’s room first. He sat down across from Desmond and opened a thin manila folder. Desmond examined every inch of the room, except for the interrogator.  

“Can you state your name for me, please?” the interrogator asked. 

Desmond licked his lips, tapped his fingers together, but didn’t say a word. 

The interrogator flipped open the folder. It fluttered in the air before touching the table silently. Only three sheets of paper sat in the file. “Is your name Dice, Desmond? Of course, it is.” He held up his school picture of him going into high school. He was slimmer than. “What is your relationship to Kyane Yoroitis?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Desmond said. He crossed his arms and looked at the corner of the ceiling. 

“I just want to know your relationship to Kyane.”

“We’ve talked and went on a few dates, I guess. Nothing major.”

“Did you know Kyane was the armored superhero, Dieous?”

“No. That’s like been a big fight we’ve had from the start, dude.”

“Did you know about the UDCs? Of course, you did, you were one of the first to encounter one at the baseball field that night.”

“Yeah it was tragic! My friends died that night!” Desmond pounded the table.

“Right. I’m quite sorry for your loss.” He didn’t sound like it. “Moving on.” He flipped a page over. “Did you trespass onto government secured property, and assault government workers following the baseball incident?”

Desmond looked away. He pursed his lips. 

“Do I need to repeat the question?”

“I heard yo’ damn question!”

“Then do you have an answer?” 

Desmond shook his head and looked toward the heavens. “Yes, okay? That’s takin the stuff that happened around it away, but yeah. I was let go by some short general dude. It’s all good.” 

Everyone, except Dieous, in the viewing room, looked toward General Marshal. He stood stoic. Dieous never broke contact from the screens. 

“Do you realize the fines and jail time you can receive for trespassing on government grounds and assaulting an officer of the government like that?”

“Whatever, dude.” Desmond slouched into his seat. “Y’all ain’t even listening to me. So sure. Send me away for trying to do something right. So, I hurt some dudes. They ain’t dead like my friends. So, send me to jail for that.”

“Why did you break into the government-controlled area then?” the interrogator said, brushing Desmond’s word off his sleeve. 

“To find the truth about Dieous and who those dinosaur dudes are.” 

“What did you find?”

“A whole lotta I don’t know. Dieous worked for the government or something was really all we got.” He blew a raspberry. “We wasted our damn time.” He shook his head. 

The interrogator nodded. He closed the folder silently and stood up. “Thank you, Mr. Dice. I am truly sorry for your loss.” He still didn’t hear it. 

Dieous broke his silence. “What was the point of that? So, I find out he broke into the school, or try to find out who I was. Who cares? He’s a good friend and did nothing. Everything was my fault.” Kyane’s parents went to Dieous and tried to comfort her from outside the armor.

“We aren’t done,” Jerry said. He nodded at the second and third screens. 

Harry was calm, cool and collected. Or maybe he was just despondent over being taken in. The interrogator asked him the same questions as Desmond. He gave some similar answers, until the mention of breaking into the school after the baseball incident. “So, why did you do it?” the interrogator asked.

“It was to help and find out the truth.”

“Help who? What truth did you find out?”

“The truth stuff, I don’t really know, man. But it was to help Jamie. He was really invested and cared about Dieous. So, like, I felt like it was the right thing to do.”

Everyone turned to look at the third, and final screen. 

Jamie was fidgeting with any sized object he could get him fingers on. He kept looking around the room for anything. The interrogator entered the room with a much thicker manila folder. He sat down as cordially as he had with Desmond and Harry and opened the file. It fluttered down to the hard metal table the same way. Jamie cocked his head from side to side to examine the folder. 

“Can you state your name for me?” 

“What is… what is all that?” he managed to say. 

“You know what it is.” He began flipping through pages. “You’re Jamie Bett. What is your relationship to Kyane Yoritis?” His eyes never looked away from the page. 

“We’re friends, I guess. I mean I think of her… think of her as a friend I mean.”

“You don’t think she’s attractive?” the interrogator asked, still perusing the file.

“I mean… I guess. I don’t really think of it… think of stuff like that. You… you know.”  

“Sure, too busy on other stuff. I gotcha.” He turned another page in the novel. “Like hacking into school networks long before you found out about any monsters. What about stealing an e-reader version of textbooks? Or I mean just playing video games you pirated off other networks. I don’t care.”

“The-they-they’re no-no-not being…. Not being sold anymore,” Jamie said, peeking his finger up. 

“Right.” The interrogator set aside a large portion of pages. “Now we get into the stuff you did while investing Dieous.” Jamie’s eyes were close to exploding out of his head. “More breaking into school video camera networks, illegally using tracking numbers to potentially stalk people, breaking and entering onto restricted territory. Look there’s a list.”

“Wh… wha… what doe… what does that me… what does that mean for mmme?” 

“Not a lot of good. If we were the FBI or CIA, or NSA we would use you to start hacking for the good guys. But we’re not. So, unless you have a good reason for all this, you’ll be up the creek without a laptop.”

Jamie couldn’t form words. His mouth continued to twist and contort to attempt words, but only air came out. He started many a sentence but stopped himself mid-syllable. The interrogator stared him down just watching his facial movements. Jamie’s eyes then perked up as he realized he had information he could use. “What does your file say ab… about my kidnapping?” 

The interrogator flipped through the file. “There are two competing stories. One is that you were taken and mugged by some ruffians. The police found you and took you to the hospital. The other was that you were kidnapped by a UDC and was later rescued by Dieous. In both cases you didn’t remember anything.”

“That’s… that’s not true.”

The interrogator leaned forward and rested his chin on his fist. “Untrue how?” 

“I… I ahh… I remember everything from my kidnapping by the Homo-Ischians just in case of this.”

The interrogator looked behind at the camera. The room nodded and the team quickly brought Desmond and Jamie into the large meeting room the team met with Benvise only a day earlier. 

Dieous de-armored back to Kyane. She ran and embraced the two in her arms the best she could. Desmond managed to have no problem. The team let the teens embrace as the sunset and the neon lights of the city beamed into the room. Jerry coughed, breaking the three out of their moment. 

Harry left down the exit hallway. Desmond ran to confront him. “Where are you going, dude? We can finally get the whole lowdown on what’s been going on!”

“I just, I can’t.” Harry turned away. “I’ve had to be the good guy, always helping and involved because I was already an outcast for well…” he looked at the ground. “Well, you know.” He looked back up. “I’ve done everything to keep this whole thing going. I covered for you, took the brunt of the team’s fears while you got a trophy for being a hero because you stood up to that lieutenant for all of five seconds. Now I’ve been arrested for something that’s not my fault. I just need to go.”

“But this is way bigger than any of that! Just come with us. Let’s finish this out.”

“I just. I can’t.” His phone buzzed. “Look, we have that party tonight. You’re welcome to come. All of you I guess, but just, I can’t.” Harry ran out of the room. Vic walked Desmond to the meeting room with the others. 

Jamie sat at the head of the table. He continued to fidget even with all eyes on him, looking for the answers. “Ss… sso… so to begin the UDCs as you call them are Homo-Ischians. Like a combination of the human and dinosaur genus.” 

“What do they want?” Jerry asked.

“To take our planet. Th… theirs is dying, and they need our world to replace theirs. They have the heads who you have been fighting, but there is the boss-”

“Colonel Herreas,” Kyane interrupted. She crossed her arms to hide her trembling. 

“Yes. And they have the 12. These are eggs that hold the future of their race. I’m guessing children to take over once they take our world to help repopulate.” 

“The first one is born and will be used to help fight and kill us,” Kyane said again. 

“How do you know that?” Hinotomi asked. 

“Yeah, what haven’t you been telling us?” Damon asked. 

“I thought you guys would know considering you are tapping my own vision to spy on me!” 

“It’s standard for soldiers to wear cameras while on mission,” Marshal added. “It’s just unfortunate because you are not a soldier.” 

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Hinotomi said. 

“Because if you knew about them you would stop me from learning the millennium fury to take them down because the time limit would cause problems or something. Look, it makes more sense in my head.”

“What’s the millennium fury?” Desmond asked. 

“I’ll tell you later,” Kyane said. “We’re talking now about these homo-dino guys.” She then remembered something. “Wait, you guys should know all this. What happened to the raptor we captured?” 

There was a moment of silence. Everyone looked to Jerry.

“He started out as helpful, but soon started to stop giving us information. Now recently he has escaped our custody,” Jerry said. “It happened a few days ago.”

“You weren’t going to tell me!?” Kyane slammed her fist on the table. 

“Just like you weren’t going to tell about the first of the next generation being born.”

“It’s a baby, it won’t be ready to kill us for like years. We have time,” Kyane said. 

“I doubt it,” Jamie said. 

“Shush! I’m trying to make a point!”

“You keep changing your story,” Jamie said. 

“We have men currently searching for him, so I did not want to take our main operator away for just a search and destroy operation.”

Kyane rolled her eyes. “How did the rapt-homo-ischian escape from you guys?” she asked. 

Jerry tapped on his tablet. The screen behind Jamie loaded up security camera footage of the raptor flipping talk shows and soap operas in his cell. Green static cracked across his far wall. The static grew into a massive explosion coating the room in concrete dust. All that was visible was a large black figure usher his arm and the raptor running off. 

Kyane slowly shook her head from side to side. Her hair drifted with the movements. “You weren’t going to tell me you lost our source of information.”

“He’s not a threat,” Jerry said. 

“Because you can track him?”

“Because he’s been declawed, and we can use him to lure out the last of the homo-ischians.” 

“Who have you taken out?” Jamie asked. 

“Who was there?” Kyane asked. 

Jamie began counting on his fingers. “The colonel, the speedy guy, the one who took me, and I think one more.”

“Then we just have the colonel left,” Kyane said. “Sensei and I beat the other ones.” She wanted to release a sigh of relief but knew better. She blinked and felt her body fly through the wooden crates and into the wall. Dieous’s armor flying apart on contact. “We need a plan to face him. He’s really tough.” She rubbed her arm. 

“We have time on that front,” Damon said.

“Yeah, you have time to prepare,” Desmond said he put his hand over her shoulder. 

The portal alarm sounded. The screen behind them switched to a map of Tower City. A small green dot blinked. The dot turned a solid green and began moving down the street. 

The team of adults stood up without fail. “What do we have?” Jerry asked. He slid his tablet to Hinotomi. 

Hinotomi furiously tapped on the screen. “We have a big signal. I’m comparing it to the database we’ve cataloged.”

“I’ll get a team together and begin tailing it,” Marshal said. He took out his phone and dialed his team. 

Jerry looked at Kyane. “It’s time to go. We’ll get someone to take Shaotoro and get him ready. In the meantime, your friends can stay here where it’s safe.”

Desmond got to his feet. “Screw that! These guys have been attacking my friends like it was nothing. I’m seeing this through.”

“I’m-I’m with him,” Jamie said.

Kyane shrugged. “I guess they’re coming with us,” she said. “They can see what I really do.” She raced to the door. 

“I got a match,” Hinotomi said. 

Kyane froze before she crossed the threshold. “No,” she murmured. 

“Who is it?” Desmond asked.

“It can only be one person, Desmond,” Jamie said. 

“Oh,” he said. 

“Yeah,” Kyane looked back at her crew. She rested her hand on the side of the door. Her voice was distant. Like she was both there and far away. “It’s Herreas. He’s back.” The door began to rattle. She couldn’t hide her trembling this time.

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