Should Movie Theaters Even Open?

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We live in a capitalist society, captalism means expansion through the use of money. We want movies and experience them on big screens, movie studios want money so they’ll put them on big screen. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism, so yes, based purely on an economic perspective they need to be open. They’re a major employer across the world after all.

But that’s not what that questions means, is it? That question isn’t asking if they should open because we want money/spend money and to watch the moving pictures that have stories in them. Because the answer is obviously yes. It’s one of the reasons movie theaters and pizza joints done close in a recession. We need that escape. Anyway, no, that’s not what the question is asking. It’s asking if it is safe to go into a theater. Frustratingly enough, the answer to that is not as easy.

The pandemic is still around, and though it ended up not being nearly as deadly as feared it can still be crippling to those who get it, even the generally healthy. It’s stealthy nature for those who could be infected but are fine is also a terrible, and real concern. This makes the any gathering dangerous at least. It’s clear to see with the opening up of schools. So many, no matter how impossibly careful they are, still have massive outbreaks that crippled any chance of normalcy returning to an ever mundane place as a school.

That alone, along with the toll it puts on the employees of not just theaters, but all places of employment, alone should confirm that we should not open up. It might be easy to counter with examples of the flu and things alike, but recall how diseases from the common cold to the flu can often tear through a place of employment and leave workers crippled for day. Keep in mind those are diseases our bodies have encountered before. This disease is new. Even if we can shake off a mild case of it, we are unaware of its lasting impacts on our systems.

I will cop to being a far more cautious person, even as I partake in my journalistic integrity to review New Mutants. I thankfully live in a safer scenario then most as far as personally, and have an independent theater that doesn’t get busy even for big movies. But that doesn’t take away the danger everyone is put in.

I’m aware I made the claim at the start that they need to open for purely capitalist endeavors, but if the only form of economics can be so thoroughly crippled by one disease, then maybe it is time to rethink the systems we have. I may not be able to say what that is, but I know it’s a dangerous path we walk, but hey, movies are coming back! I’m so glad I can continue my hobby of reviewing movies in the hopes of… I actually don’t know what the end goal is. I just know it doesn’t involve getting other sick cause I wanted to enjoy a movie about whatever New Mutants is about. I haven’t watched a trailer with sound on for it, honestly. But either way no one should fear for seeing a movie of all things.

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